Sunday, May 12, 2013

Matt's Movie Mix Up #1 (probably spoilers if you didn't read The Great Gatsby in High School)

Matt's Movie Mix Up 

Sunday 5-12-2013

This weekend, we see the opening to two very different types of movies in The Great Gatsby, and Iron Man III.  I’m sure someone a little more analytical than me can draw close comparisons, it’s be interesting, but that’s not the intention of this article.  This article will be trying to mash and mix up two different movies, turning them into one AWESOME one… or hilarious one… depends on how you look at it, or how this turns out. 

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but it works for a while right?
Iron Man III and The Great Gatsby join forces to become The Iron Gatsby which is the best mix up I can think of, The Great Man just doesn’t have the same ring to it as The Iron Gatsby Here the audience see’s Gatsby in his WWI officer’s uniform, injured and in need of medical care.  He’s in the hospital now, and being fitted with various prosthetics, fade to black.  It’s now 1922 and Jay Gatsby looks up to see a bi-plane smoking and spiraling, the occupants two wealthy New Yorkers in way over their heads… Gatsby powers up and swoops in to save the day, placing the polo player, future greasy spot guy on his feet, and cradling oh surprise! The ever-lovely Daisy Buchannan is in his arms.  The typical Gatsby/Fitzgerald-esqe story plays out but with more machine guns, explosions and flying and stuff.  And also, that crazy gas station guy shoots Gatsby but it pings off a Gatsby Robot, not the real Gatsby, but a fake android version he keeps around for just such occasions, (the real Iron Gatsby get it?) you see the real Jay Gatsby is behind him, extends his arm and shoots that crazy gas station guy impaling him onto the green light across the bay.  Take that symbolism, oh, and he gets the girl, and Tom Buchannan like, I dunno, moves back to Chicago or something… Embarrassed by the way alpha as hell Jay Gatsby.

And just think this paves the way, for Iron Gatsby II, Iron Gatsby III, Son of Iron Gatsby (in WWII) Revenge of Iron Gatsby (as his son was killed… listen it’s all planned out just gotta lock DiCaprio into this 9 movie deal) Return of the Son of Iron Gatsby, and etcetera.
Next week, I’ll have less time and hopefully more coffee, The Hangover Trek? Don’t mind if I do… 

<---- of course with stuff like this already out I might not even have to make this crazy stuff up in my head...


I’m a fan of movies and can sit and am entertained by mindless car chases and explosions, or a good book made into something on the screen that makes you ponder what the original author thought when penning the pages.  I go to the movies to be entertained, not always changed.